The Importance of Having a Good Logo

Good logo design costs money. Therefore, many small and start-up businesses neglect to invest in it, not knowing that it can significantly affect their business. Not only does the logo influence the way your company works, but also it affects how customers and clients see your business.

The logo is just an image with the company’s sign or name in it, right? Think about that again. Every successful business has its memorable logo that’s automatically connected and associated with the company. However, not everyone sees the strength that simple image hides. Why is it so important?

What makes a good logo? 1. Attention grabber

We live in a fast-paced modern world where it became normal to have a short attention span. People get easily distracted by various stimuli, especially if they’re walking down the street. They may be looking at a shop’s window when suddenly something else catches their attention, and they forget all about the shop they have previously seen.

You don’t want that to happen to your business, right? That’s why you need an attention-grabbing logo. Following good logo ideas, it needs to be big enough to be seen from a distance, but not too big to look obscure. It also needs to be colorful or shiny enough to grab attention, but, again, not too much to look ridiculous. It’s a professional image of your company’s professionalism and marketing strategy.

2. Creates the first impression

They say not to judge the book by its covers. However, if the covers of the book don’t attract our attention, it’s not likely we will pick that book up. Everyone is so fast to judge you and everything you do. They create an entire image of the person or the business based on the first glance. Therefore, you have only one chance to make a great, strong first impression.

One of the first things clients and customers see about the business is its logo. If it’s nicely designed following golden rules of logo design, it sparks customers’ interest and makes them want to learn more about your company. It’s a way of claiming ownership over the products you sell or the services you offer. The way your logo is designed helps your customers determine if you are worthy of their attention.

3. Makes your business memorable

Believe it or not, many people have a very strong visual memory. They remember interesting stimuli they saw. However, those stimuli need to be intriguing and important enough to become remembered. What would make your business memorable to your customers?

You’ve guessed it, the answer is the logo. It attracts your audience to your business and leads your business towards success. The more clients you’re able to attract and get to recognize your business, the more successful your company will be. All that can be achieved by having a recognizable and well-designed logo. People love aesthetically pleasing elements. They trigger a positive memory and a reaction to your business. So, even if they forget your company’s name, they’ll remember the logo!

4. Separates you from the competition

Every business owner wants its company to be at the very top of the industry. However, with strong competition breathing down your neck, offering high-quality products and services isn’t enough. You need something that will separate your business from many other similar ones, and convey the message to your audience that you’re unique, original and worthy of their time and attention.

So, dare to be original and unique with the best logo design. There may be 20 other businesses similar to yours in your surrounding, but you’re the business with a cute, funny or jaw-dropping logo. Think about including strong symbols in your logo that show what your business is all about. However, be careful not to be misleading. A coffee cup is usually associated with cafes, not bakeries.

5. Builds brand identity

Everyone keeps talking about the identity of your brand. What does that mean? Brand identity is like the personality of your business. Just like people, there are brands with a strong identity, that are memorable, get recognition and are on the right path to success. How can you do that for your business?

To build a brand identity, you need to tell a story about your business that will cause customers’ emotional reactions. Even though the logo is only a small part of the brand identity, it serves as a strong base for a successful story. Colors, images, and font determine the way your brand is perceived. Your logo should match the emotional reaction you want to achieve. Happiness? Go with bright colors. Professionalism and reliability? Neutral tones are the best for that. Remember to stay consistent with it to send a stronger message.

6. Increases brand loyalty

A lot of businesses survive thanks to loyal clients and customers. Loyal clients are used to your business and the way it works. They know that when they enter your premises, they’re up for a friendly and pleasant service. But how can you increase brand loyalty and make customers come back and ask for more?

As you build your brand loyalty, more and more people come across your business. They can find your logo on the storefront, internet, different ads and products. As clients and customers crave consistency, they familiarise your logo with your company. This creates an image that you’re trustworthy and professional business. Once your customers see a familiar logo, they are ready to buy whatever you’re offering and come back for more.

7. Delivers your message

Can something so simple like a logo convey your message to the audience? Absolutely! You don’t need words to deliver a strong message. Your goal is to be remembered, succeed on the market and efficiently sell your products and services to your target audience. So, can a logo deliver a message that will provide just that?

The message your logo conveys hides behind the colours, shapes, sizes and fonts. Different kinds of shapes attract and influence different kinds of people. For example, if you sell baby equipment, strong and bright colours that trigger happy emotions are ideal for your logo. Think about the way your representation of your business makes them feel. That’s how you’ll communicate that you’re professional and reliable at your field and that you’ll offer a friendly and pleasant service.

8. Adds professionalism to your business premises

As the logo is part of your brand identity that gets the most recognition, you need to put it “out there” on the busiest and high-traffic areas. The logo is one of the first things people see and remember about your business, so why don’t you make it memorable?

When clients and customers enter your premises, they form an impression based on the things they see. That is your chance to promote your business more. That’s why many companies place their logos wherever they get a chance. Durable logo mats are ideal for discrete promotion. They keep your premises clean and aesthetically please the eye. It’s impossible not to notice a big printed logo beneath your feet.

9. Builds credibility and trust

The truth is that a brand that doesn’t look reliable or trustworthy doesn’t sell. It takes months or even years to build credibility, and one small mistake can tear it down forever. Would you trust a business with a sketchy name and no logo on it? Neither would your clients.

Did you know that the shape of your logo impacts your clients? It’s one of the elements that helps them decide whether your business is reliable or not. If you have a well-designed logo, you’ve got nothing to worry about. Experimenting with a logo is fine, but make sure to ask trusted partners or friends for an honest opinion. Then you’ll know whether this type of logo is smart or not.


As you can see, the logo is one of the most important aspects of your journey to success. It helps you build your identity and stand out from the competition. A well-designed good logo delivers a message that your business is professional, reliable and that it can be trusted. Without it, your company is just the name with no memorable image that will represent it. You can design your own logo or use logo maker to create one.

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