How to Convert your Blog’s content to Audio

In this article we will show you how to convert your site’s content to audio so that your fans can now listen to the content.

If you are blogging actively, congratulations. It’s an amazing hobby and business to be in. Blog stats are insane – 409 million people view more than 20 billion pages monthly. This has generated significant revenue, site visitors, and engaged users for blog content writers. However, new trends are emerging, specifically in Audio that will impact blog content creators.

Audio content demand is growing. It started with Podcasts and now has moved into new channels. Just for reference, consider this: 37% (104 million) listen to podcasts at least every month.

Users have to split their time between blogs and audio content. You can’t read while at the gym, driving, cooking, running, etc. So users switch to audio. At AudioTilly, we wondered why can’t blogs be converted to audio format so that users can listen to it like they would a podcast.

That question lead to AudioTilly. AudioTilly converts your site’s content to audio so that users can listen to it instead of reading it.

Currently, we offer multiple players, support for WordPress, over 26 human-like voices and it’s free to start.

Try AudioTilly for free on your blog today.