Create tools and services to make content easily accessible.


Create tools and services to Customer Obsession
Build everything with the customer in mind. We are here to serve them and provide value to them. We need to work on earning and keeping their trust. Delight the customer with your product quality and performance.

Invent and Simplify
Build innovative things. Don't just copy. Build products to be simple yet powerful.

High Standards
Build quality products. Fix defects before customers experience them.

Be Frugal
Accomplish more with less. Throwing money and resources at a project does not equal success.

Data Driven
Use data to make a judgment on performance and discover opportunities to improve.make content easily accessible.

AudioTilly converts text on websites and blogs to audio format. It gives users more ways to consume their favorite content.

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We saw a 17% lift in on-site time with your plugin.  Love havin this!